Rock & Roll Journey

Do you want your child to learn about music and how to play and instrument but you are afraid?  You're afraid it will be boring?! Our NEW  group of classes is for our young "Rockers" !  These Rock & Roll classes will introduce your child to different genres of rock & roll, in addition to the instruments that were used to create these soulful sounds. Your child will explore the music from the 1950's, cruise the 1960's, groove through 70' & 80's and rock out to the 90's and now, all while learning about the natural rhythm, solfeggio, bucket drumming, trying out instruments and more! All of these classes will be music and movement focused, this class is fun and exciting!


What would a rocker be without a "GIG" bag? Each child will receive a gig bag to take to and from class.  All Rock & Roll Classes will be taught by our Master Rocker, Miss Shannon! 

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