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Private Lessons

Private lessons are perfect for a variety of ages and skill levels. Our goal is to bring a LOVE of music from babies to adults! In-person lessons are located at the studio. We offer online lessons to any location with Skype, Facetime, or Zoom.

We offer lessons for many of the popular instruments.  We know you are all busy, so we schedule private lessons based on the student's and teacher's schedules. We offer make-up lessons within a 24-hour notice, and we do our best to help accommodate times as we know schedules are ever-changing.  Lessons are offered Monday-Saturday. The studio teachers are highly educated and experienced and ready to help bring your or your child's musical dreams to life!


For detailed information, click here. Don't see your instrument listed? Contact us and we might be able to help you out.

For more information and pricing, email us or call / text 812-212-6498.

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Guitar & Bass

We offer guitar lessons for all ages, skill levels, and styles. Whether you're the parent of a young child; a retiree who always had an interest in learning and now has the time; or an advanced guitar player looking to learn a different style or anyone in between, we’re happy to help. Our teachers will work with you to personalize a developmental plan to meet your musical goals. Note: We recommend that beginners, ages 4-6, start out learning the ukulele.

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Piano lessons are a wonderful starting place for music lessons. We offer lessons from ages 4 to 104 in classical, rock, pop, and other genres. Beginners start with the essentials, i.e. getting familiar with the keys, reading notes and rhythms, and progressing to two-hand exercises. While our advanced students continue developing their techniques and play a wider variety of repertoire. Whether you want to learn Bach or music by Coldplay, we can help you combine your favorite music into your lessons.

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Voice Lessons

As you begin your voice lessons with us, our teachers will concentrate on correct breathing, posture, diction, and vocal health. These basic skills help build a strong foundation in vocal performance and continue to build for years to come. As you progress within your lessons, your teacher will start to train on pitch, developing timbre, keeping a steady tempo, and performance preparation.

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Violin & Viola

Do you have a child ready to learn the violin for the first time? Are you ready to take your violin playing to the next level or want to sharpen your skills before auditioning in an orchestra or a band? Miss Shannon’s Music Studio can help, no matter what your violin goals may be. Our teachers use proven techniques to help you progress your skill level whether you are a beginner or an advanced student.

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Interested in rock, jazz, pop, classical percussion, steel drums, or hand drumming on the conga? Our percussion teacher loves to play and teach students of all ages. Register today as it’s never too late to start reaching your potential with Miss Shannon’s Music Studio.

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The ukulele is uniquely suited to bring big smiles and a rewarding experience to people of all ages. It is inexpensive, has a rich sound, and you can be strumming (and singing?) tunes in your first lesson. Four years old is a great age to begin but it is never too late to get started with the ukulele. For busy adults, it is a great alternative to guitar. Our ukulele teachers offer individual lessons and group classes for our young learners.

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The cello is a wonderful instrument to learn at any age. As a new student, we will show you everything you need to know from holding your bow properly, how to position your bow on the string, and most importantly, how to create a clean sound on your cello. As your lessons progress, we show you the left-hand technique, how to press the string down to produce a note and more advanced techniques like vibrato.


Banjo & Mandolin

Are you ready to wow your friends with your fingerwork after just a few lessons? You could just possibly do that with the banjo. Or, maybe the mandolin is more your style. The mandolin is an incredibly versatile instrument. Soon you'll be right at home playing “Maggie Mae” by Rod Stewart. With either instrument, our teachers can teach you a variety of musical styles.

Clarinet in orchestra

Woodwinds & Brass

Clarinet lessons are available for students of all ages and skill levels. Private lessons with our instructors give you a better opportunity to learn the fundamentals as well as the ability to help to improve your technical skills. Some of the skills and techniques learned in your lessons will be technical exercises, reading techniques, theory, scale studies, introduction to various musical styles, and assistance with ensemble music, if needed.

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