Our Team

  • Shannon Mullins-0093.jpg

    Shannon Mullins

    Shannon knew from a young age that music is what she wanted to "do" with her life. Read more.

  • Ally_Studio-1.jpg

    Ally Lamping

    Ally has been involved in music majority of her life and loves teaching students of all ages. Read more.

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    Bryce Mullins

    Bryce is a fingerstyle guitarist that is ready to teach and challenge you or your child to become the best.
    Read more.

  • D Mileta Photo Portrait - 10 2019.jpg

    Dominic Mileti

    Dominic has been playing viola and violin for over 15 years. The years of experience and education, he brings to his students helps them achieve their goals. Read more.

  • Eric Heatley.jpeg

    Eric Heatley

    Eric's education is top notch and he has had performed in various operas throughout the country. He is eager to share his knowledge and experience with his students. Read more.

  • IMG_5601_edited.jpg

    Even Rong Ma

    Even Rong Ma is a passionate performer, artist, & educator who has been heard in concert halls throughout the world.
    Read more.

  • Heidi Miller.jpg

    Heidi Miller

    Heidi has consistently been revered for her musicality and vocal fireworks. Read more.

  • Hunter Wingate

    Hunter started playing the guitar
    and bass guitar at the young

    age of 13. Read more.

  • Jessica Risinger

    Jessica's resume includes intensive training and a teaching background which has prepared her to adapt to her students learning style.
    Read more.

  • Jim Loughery

    Jim is a composer-performer equally adept in classical and jazz mediums. Read more.

  • Megan Volk

    Megan has extensive trainging and knowledge of the woodwinds and brass family of instruments. Read more.

  • sophie reen.jpg

    Sophie Reen

    Sophie loves teaching music. She has been teaching early Childhood Music & Movement classes, group piano & cello lesson for the past 25 years. Read more.

  • Stephanie Petsana

    Stephanie is a passionate performer and artist who is ready to teach her students the knowledge she has gained over the years. Read more.

    Stephanie Petsana is a passionate performer & artist.

  • Jacob Ottmer

    Jacob is a well-rounded percussionist who enjoys applying his knowledge of percussion to new ensembles and sharing his knowledge with students to enhance their appreciation and experience of music. Read more.

    Stephanie Petsana is a passionate performer & artist.

Claire Eckstein

Claire Eckstein is an Indiana-based composer who writes both acoustic and electronic music. She knew from a young age that she loved music, and began music theory and composition classes at the age of fourteen. Read more.

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