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Meet Patrick

Patrick Wickliffe is an American composer, music director, and organist dedicated to exploring America’s unique identity through its music. Patrick endeavors to create works that engage performers and listeners by blending the traditional and the contemporary. Patrick is compelled by the notion of reconciliation through innovation while drawing inspiration from the expressive and interpretational acuities of colleagues with whom he has collaborated.

Patrick employs instrumental, vocal, and electronic genres as apt vehicles for his creative impulses. Recent projects have emphasized a celebration of shared human experience through time and space reconceptualization while at the same time searching for new ways of expressing connection through sound. Patrick has also been invited on several occasions to share perspectives on projects of wide-reaching appeal.

In addition to academic accolades, recognition has included awards for collaboration in theatre and opera. Patrick has placed himself in service to a variety of communities in a variety of capacities. Work Patrick has done over the last fifteen years has reflected a range of interests and has explored the potential of their influence in his compositions.

Patrick holds a doctoral degree in musical arts from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and a master’s degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Studies have been with Michael Fiday and Mara Helmuth among others. Patrick has enjoyed masterclasses with Yehudi Wyner, past president of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, in the United States, and with James Whitbourn and Thomas Hyde at Oxford University.

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