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Group Lessons

MusikGarten children come to the piano ready to play the songs they have learned to sing, dance, and love. Small group lessons at the keyboard capitalize on your child’s delight in making music with others and allow the children to have success quickly playing songs that they know. With material for two years of lessons divided into 4 15-week semesters, your child will learn to play by ear and to read music. Parents or a grown-up is invited to join the group piano class, your dream comes true too!  Learning piano along with your child is a gift. 

In Group Ukulele, your child will learn the basics that will help them as they continue on into advanced ukulele, guitar, and other string instruments. Parents are invited in for sharing time to review what we learned in class.  

For more information on each class, scroll down to the images below. To register, click the "Register Now" button above. For more information and pricing, email us or call / text 812-212-6498. Space is limited. Register today!

Music Makers

At the Keyboard I


MusikGarten children come to the piano ready to play the songs they already love. Small group lessons capitalize on your child's delight in making music with others and allows them to continue with singing games, dancing, and drumming while moving through the beginning keyboard levels with delight. 

Music Makers

At the Keyboard II


Notation games, repertoire pieces, sight-reading pieces, opportunities for composing, and more are in your child’s comprehensive learning materials that will help him/her stay excited about playing and encourage him/her to make music long after the lessons stop. You’ll both love Musikgarten!

Group Ukulele

Group Ukulele lessons is for absolute beginners. The ukulele is delightful to play, you will learn basic chords, how to strum and fingerpick, plus more. 
Group 1: ages 4-5

Group 2: ages 5-8

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